Witchcraft spells: creating by dedication

Electronic Wicca Assistant

eWicca - family of  Windows and Android applications to learn wicca, witchcraft spells and rituals. Programs do not cast spell for you, because this is absolutely useless.  Rather You are the One who casts witchcraft spells and employs eWicca according to witchcraft traditions. Please read Disclaimer to avoid possible confusion.

With eWicca even novice can learn and practice witchcraft as real and experienced witches do.   Although studying craft from eWicca manual  is assumed by default, there are no more hidden aspects or additional research areas in witchcraft, which you need to learn  to  perform built-in wiccan rituals, cast  magick spells or practice meditation.

Why use eWicca

There's a great variety of sources about performing various magick rituals:  from Egyptian papyri to witchcraft spell books (or books of shadows) . However in most cases such sources either:

  • state ambiguous instructions like "absorb energy from the Universe", which is at least unfair because, for example, "absorbing energy"  requires explicit instructions to perform;
  • list fantastic ingredients, like "mandragora", therefore taking out responsibility for effectiveness of magick ritual, and what is even more disappointing, leaving no ways for novice witch for self-development;
  • require manipulation with unconscious mind, including taking drugs or practicing self-hypnosis, so occasional results or hallucinations may attributed to outcomes of magick ritual or wicca spell;
  • or simply forget to include instructions on how to prepare for wiccan rituals,  stimulating widespread belief that magick spells are charlatanry,  because they failed. Forgetting  to  consider than wiccan ritual requires preparation, like any professional  activity.

Most of magick spells fails

  • wrong intentions:  no reason and effect analysis and goal visualization;
  • wrong preparation:  poor physical conditions and weak mental state;
  • wrong technique: just casting of "secret spell"  and believing it would work. Occasionally it happens.

eWicca provides step-by-step guidance before, during and after the ritual. Conforming to wicca principles and following built-in instructions ensure correctness of your magick ritual, even if you are just a novice witch.


eWicca for Android

eWicca for Android

Features of eWicca for Windows

  • Specially selected wicca (witchcraft, magick) rituals, spells for love, health, prosperity, relationships, etc.;
  • All required ceremonies to prepare for magick rituals: mind preparation, energy,  space consecration, goal visualization, salt cleansing, empowering potion,  etc;
  • Book of Shadows (only Windows) to record wicca spells and perform own magick rituals;
  • Utilities to select the best time for ritual depending on moon phase and biorhythm cycle, to calculate word or date numeric values, to plan rituals and record own development;

Why eWicca Rituals are different

Unlike absolute majority witchcraft sources,  eWicca contains complete wicca rituals with audio and visual stimulations, and explicit, real-time instructions on how and when to act.  eWicca is not just software which contain witchcraft spells with listing of required ingredients and words to say.

All Rituals conform to Wicca principles and incorporate such traditions as: Candle Magick, Sigil Magic, Knot Magick, Moon Magick,  Charming, Words of Power, Voodoo, Druid Magick, Kabbalah, Shaman.

Short, yet comprehensive Witchcraft guide will also be helpful for understanding principles of Wicca and creation of own rituals for witchcraft.