First experience in craft: since 1982 when accidentally encountered esoteric book in antic store.
Afterwards, in addition to various traditions of magick, learned also karate-do, judo, breath techniques (power breath, flat breath, impulse breath), hypnosis, meditation.

Studied craft and practiced rituals and in sacred places of Europe (Berlin, Budapest, Leuna, Paris, Poltava, Shannon), Asia (Kuala-Lumpur, Singapore), Africa (Joburg).

Since 2004, after careful selection and analysis of power concentrations, moved to Poltava, mystic and spiritous place in the center of Europe.

Why I sell eWicca

Selling spells or ritual scripts looks suspicious considering seller can bring prosperity just casting some of these spells or making rituals. However, important baselines of wicca are:

  • learning your place in the Universe,
  • learning yourself,
  • learning supernatural, but not making more money.

I also believe, spells or ritual scripts worth nothing without dedication and belief, and these are impossible to maintain with such short term goals as "a lot of money".

In this respect, selling eWicca means for me:

  • Spreading my spells across the globe so they become more powerful, as more people cast and empower them; in this respect price for software is an additional stimulus for buyers to keep investing efforts into practice of magick.
  • Learning supernatural through experience and knowledge of other people. The more dedicated people are involved into the use of eWicca, the more knowledge and experience they share with me, and the more power they receive back. Including power I built into eWicca rituals.

eWicca and religion

Practice of magick or witchcraft is a definite sin for major world religions. Please do not be confused by ambiguous interpretations of Bible or Koran. Practice of magick or witchcraft is a sin in Christianity. Please be ready to make satisfaction for sins if you practice magick or witchcraft and belong to any confession.

eWicca reflects views of various world religions, including Wicca; however, it's not intended to protect or develop these views. Just "not make harm to anyone" and be happy with outcomes of your ritual.

eWicca and science

Practice of magick, occult or esoteric is charlatanry for science. And in most cases it is. Unfortunately, a lot of low educated or psychically unfit people bring pseudo magick (false witchcraft) into masses, ruining reputation and diminishing development of magick science.

I mention magick science once to underline the most important factor: regardless of its rigorous structure and weighted approach, modern science is not capable to replicate and even understand even such routine event as birth of life (not replication or cloning).

In this respect, magick rituals is tool to open some closed doors of nature and understand non-explainable. As it happened with transition of astrology into astronomy or alchemistry into chemistry.

The most important criterion for theory to be scientific is to prove baseline hypothesis with repeatable experiments -  rituals in our case. So if  you perform magick rituals (cast witchcraft spells) - analyze their outcomes and plan future development as a Witch.

Utilize eWicca for good of you and your relatives, cast witchcraft spells, create own Wicca rituals and bless you !