Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch

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Bullet Witch is set on a bleak Earth, in the year 2013. The human race is almost extinct as hideous demons and monsters dominate the planet. It's been decided that only a combination of ancient and modern combat can beat the se creatures. Alicia is a highly-trained soldier who also know ancient magic. The fate of the human race is in her hands, as she ventures into the world of monsters and fights them with her mix of magical arts and military equipment. Manage Alicia's health & magic meters to avoid running out of ammo or power -- be strategic & play it safe, or the world dies with her.


  • Fight off legions of hideous and powerful undead, as you try to reach the demon lord Akuma
  • Upgrade your guns as you go, then combine them with your magic for incredible destruction
  • Collect 10 magic spells that can defend you -- from building Ancient Walls to Sacrificing bodies, even calling down Thunder and Tornadoes
  • Action adventure with story sequences intermixed with gun fights and magic
  • Advanced physics engine showcases the environmental damage; Special Xbox Live content can be downloaded for even wilder gaming

Bullet Witch 3.2 out of 5 based on 40 ratings. 83 user reviews