Please note that eWicca is not claimed to produce magick, or even to cast spells, because magick is the sphere of activities of a human, but not of machinery or computers. In this respect, You and Gods are the only sources of magick and eWicca is just a tool to learn how to  employ them, following simple slogan:

Creating by Dedication

Rituals were created on the base of existing spells,  incorporating default (but often not disclosed or even omitted) requirements:

  • preparation: create special  mental and  physical state (by visual and audio stimulations, preparation ceremonies), consecrate space and rituals, cast circle, etc;
  • reason: visualizing will, expressing it to Gods and Powers;
  • empowering:  rhymes, Words or Power, magick (druid, coldun) sounds
  • respecting: thanking Gods, closing rituals

All the above mentioned works  to make ritual effective even for novice.  Some rituals I perform regularly (e.g. healing), some  do not.  Yet I can provide 2 the most important advices to make rituals effective:

  • read eWicca manual  and follow on-screen  instructions;
  • analyze long and short term outcomes of your rituals and develop skills.

You'll definitely be amazed and surprised with results, especially in long term perspective.

Some people may be disappointed with the fact I do not include "powerful and secret" rituals like ones for invisibility or levitation.  My answer is simple: such rituals require so extensive preparation, that this preparation is simply impossible to make, maintaining easy life style.  For example: years of  mantra casting may cause body vibrate with such frequency that it levitates.  But can YOU spend 30 years casting mantras and following yoga just to levitate ? I also do not list some specific rituals, like to banish debt. The answer is also simple:  there are so many ways this ritual may work, that it's virtually impossible to predict them: indebted person may die, or may be hijacked in Somali, server explosions  may destroy data and the whole loan dept, person may inherit million...

Dedicate yourself to craft and manage your destiny !