Witchcraft FAQ

Q: What is the difference between wicca spells and wicca  rituals ?

A: Do not confuse wicca rituals and wicca spells.  Wicca spells are instructions what to have, what to say and what to do.  Wicca rituals are also about what to do and when.

If you read  wicca spell, you can get instructions like: "Get an apple and cut it in half horizontally across the middle."Although instruction is straightforward, it is still unclear, whether you need to ask Gods or Powers for help, or where to cut the apple, on altar, or holding on hands.  Ritual descriptions in this respect are much more detailed and rigorous, which is especially important for novice witch (wiccan).

eWicca contains only complete rituals for successful magickal practice.

Q:  Why some eWicca videos are comfortable, but some are annoying

A: Red flag helps focusing,  so  some visual stimulations are created annoying.

Q: What does it mean  source code modification and why it's done

A: Any magick tool must have close relationship to wiccan. Software is not an exclusion from this rule, so I include customer name into source code of eWicca and identify accordingly all frames.

As a result, you have personal  magick tool,  purchased  according to License agreement.

Q:  How did you create and  select rituals for  eWicca

A: All rituals belong to different traditions of witchcraft  and exists  for  years.  However, you never find magick rituals or wicca spells in a way how they are implemented in eWicca.  Existing magick rituals or wicca spell are  just containers, which must be filled with dedication, power, respect, love.   I did so for you in eWicca.

I selected some of  rituals  under consideration what people might need. If you want to suggest other goals of rituals - contact me.

Q: Why do you state “Powers” in relation to Earth, Water, Fire and Air, while other mention spirits, elements, etc.

A: Spirit implies possibility of dialog. And how do you imagine dialog with glass of water ? Element is something indivisible, but even schoolboy knows the above mentioned “elements” can be separated, for example: water can be separated on oxygen and hydrogen, air consists of few different gases… Definition “Power” means opportunity to perform specific job and spend certain amount of energy. As it happens in any magick ritual.

Q:What if you do not except the Wiccan rede as a principle?

A: Nothing. In 99% cases magic is about stupid rituals with zero success rate. To increase it you need, among other factors, self confidence. Wiccan Rede is one of instruments to maintain it: you believe you act right, honestly, following others, safely.......... name it.
But promotion of ethic principles is important also to create positive perception in society, which in turn creates different impacts on craft.
So, when I say "must accept wiccan rede", I mean:
- tell to others: I am on good side.....
- tell to yourself: I am on good side.....