How to cast witchcraft spell

I follow 3R rule to create a ritual

1. Respect: spell, your behavior, physical and psychical conditions, dress code  must express respect to Powers, Gods, Craft and yourself. Ritual is not a routine.

2. Reason: why do you perform this ritual and  why do you perform it in this way. You must fully understand and carefully elaborate goal of the ritual. Visualization ceremony may work for you.

For some traditions goal  is the only constituent of magick action -  to  create and express will with the words of power (phrases which associate witch/wiccan with Gods and  powers and state his will: "There's one power, which is perfect fulfillment. And I an the power individualization. Hereby I manifest the goal... And the perfect fulfillment is mine...").

3. Run: perform ritual and analyse its short and long term results, redesign and repeat ritual again (in a cyclical run) if it did not work.


Run of ritual incorporates: spell, tools, inventories and you.

Spell works as a mental projection sent out to effect some action.

To express Respect in spell:

  • address gods or powers:  "There is the power which is perfect love, and I am  the one power incarnate" or "O Goddess within, o God within"
  • address good and free will of others: "For the good of all, according to the free will of all"

To express Reason in spell: either state goal clearly"This ritual takes place for good of my beloved" or use inventories which express goal by default, like candles in healing ritual of Candle magick.

To express Run:

investigate which powers do you employ and which tools and inventories do you use; think how can perform ritual based on knowledge of existing eWicca rituals, social beliefs, and more importantly, listening own feelings. The point is to associate own action with the desired result.

For example,  tossing coins may mean building cash flow, where coins tossed now, arrive into balance with banknotes obtained in future.

However, do not fall into trap of autosuggestion or self-hypnosis. When I state "listening own feelings", I mean real listening, based on ability to control your Power of Mind, but not on false beliefs, arrived from fantasy books. Yes, self-hypnosis is applied widely in wicca (and in eWicca ceremonies, but not to build unreasonable self-confidence.

This is also the reason to exclude discussions about calling spirits or building astral projections, because many people may confuse visions or hallucinations, caused by drugs, incenses or oxygen deficiency with outcomes of their rituals.

say spells in powerful, screaming manner (chant), use rhymes which often (unconsciously)  turn routine phrases into magick spells; close spell with affirmations: "So mot it be", "This is my will and this should be", "The perfect fulfillment is mine", etc.

When to cast a spell

Sunday, day of  the Sun.

Success, power, swift change, God ritual, healing, spirituality, strength, and protection.

Monday, day of  the Moon.

Psychic work, Goddess ritual, faerie magick, peace, sleep, healing, compassion, friends, purification, and fertility.

Tuesday, day of  Mars.

Protection, victory, courage, athletics, passion, sex, and aggression.

Wednesday, day of  Mercury.

Communication, intellectual pursuits, flexibility, the conscious mind, study, travel, and wisdom.

Thursday, day of  Jupiter.

Business, group pursuits, joy, laughter, expansion, money, prosperity, and generosity.

Friday, day of  Venus.

Love, friendship, nature, beauty, arts and crafts, and reconciliation.

Saturday, day of  Saturn.

Crystallization, hidden or obscured matters, limitations and boundaries, longevity, exorcisms, endings, homes and houses.