Knot magick

Knot magick utilizes cords:

as a rule 9 inches long
from natural materials (silk or cotton)
of appropriate colors, please refer the table below.

Reason of ritual

Cord color

Universal and complimentary


Banish aggression and negativity


Health, youth, happiness

Gold, yellow

Restore relationships


Enhance love or friendship


Bless home


Psychic healing

Purple, violet

Physical, sex healing




How Knot Magick works

eWicca ritual "Attract money" partially is based on Knot Magick, so practice it.

In general the ritual consists from:

making 9 knots (starting from one and another ends of cord and continuing at middles of knotted parts)
chanting (usually with rhymes) while knotting:
Ritual Start signal with the 1st knot: "By knot one my ritual's begun"
Ritual Introduction with the 2nd knot: "By knot two, a lot of work to do", ‘By knot two it will come true"
Ritual Goal Declaration with the 3rd knot: "By knot three, money comes to me", "By knot three, my healing power flows from me"
Goal Development by the 4th knot: "By knot four, opportunity knocks at my door", "By knot four, my power will soar"
Goal Visualization with the 5th knot: "By knot five,my business thrives", "By knot five, my healing flows, is given drive"
Goal Fixing with the 6th knot: "By knot six my spell is fixed", "By knot six,this magic,I have faith,is fixed"
Asking powers (Gods) with the 7th knot: "By knot seven, magic carried by the power in heaven", By knot of seven, success is given"
Thanking powers (Gods) with the 8th knot: "By knot eight, prosperity given is great", "By knot eight, my appreciations is great".
Ritual affirmation with the 9th knot: "By knot of nine my magick will shine", "By knot nine, these things are mine"

After ritual: keep cord with you or leave somewhere as a talisman to attract love, prosperity, etc.