Minerals in Wicca

Crystals  and gemstones bear part of natural powers. Here is a list of the most popular minerals and their application in craft. Keep relevant minerals on your altar during eWicca rituals and ceremonies.

Agate: protects all forms of communication

Amber: captures sickness and wards off negativity.

Amethyst: powerful dreaming and psychic stone

Carnelian: protection, courage, focus, motivation, sexuality and creativity

Citrine: mental quickness and insight

Quartz Clear: an energy source, healing, divination, meditation, shapeshifting, creativity, higher consciousness, purification, protection, and balancing energy.

Quartz Rose:to balance emotions, to attract friends, encourages inspiration, forgiveness, faith, fertility, tolerance, and compassion.

Quartz Smokey: to get rid of unwanted habits and maintain healthy lifestyle

Diamond: strength, endurance, healing, empowerment, inspiration, protection, prosperity, and clarity

Emerald: encourages love, emotional and sexual balance, patience, and personal growth, can be used for meditation, prayer, and raising consciousness.

Garnet: friendship and faithfulness, strength, protection, virility, trust, balance, and good luck, place on altar while making healing, divination rituals, purification and energy ceremonies

Hematite: helps to use power of earth

Jade:  love and sex, dispels negativity and calms nerves; protection, prosperity, purification, meditation, harmony, and longevity.

Malachite: It can be used for healing, shape shifting, communicating with power animals, Faery Magick, peaceful sleep, and visions,  encourages prosperity and can be used for protection and tissue regeneration

Moonstone: a sacred stone of the Goddess, it brings good fortune, true love, and fruitfulness. Use it to enhance intuition and for divination, fertility ritual

Ruby: very effective to activate natural and human powers.