Sigil Magick

eWicca rituals and ceremonies already incorporate elements of sigil magic, for example "Healing impulse" ritual. However because this magick is highly customizable and offers opportunities for development, you might need to study and practice it regularly.

Sigil magick works in few stages:

Form a desire: you need to be precise and specific. Generic terms like "I want money" would not work.
Write out the  desire on a piece of paper: "I want salary increase by ten percent from March"
Rewrite the desire,omitting repeated letters: "I want slry ce b   p fom h"
Rearrange the remained letters  into an arbitrary, abstract glyph:

Enter a state of  great excitement or cairn: intensive deep breathing, meditation, dancing, pain, sex.
Visualize the sigil (glyph) on the peak of altered state (full brainwash, maximum pain, orgasm)
Forget the sigil, burn the paper

Abstract glyphs are used because they are easy to forget. However you can use anything as a manifestation of your desire: item associated  with it, word, number, or image, or combination of the above.

In the more sophisticated form of sigil magick, instead of creating a sigil, you create a magick ritual and perform it after reaching altered state, or simply after declaring your intentions.