Please note that eWicca is not claimed to produce supernatural effects, or even to cast spells.  You, my  dear user are purely responsible for what and how you are doing.

Some people, based on limited occult knowledge, may find inconsistencies or unanswered issues in rituals, ceremonies, and in this manual. In this respect I am open for any type of discussion, and promise to cover any new topic which prove to be helpful for users of eWicca and does not contradict to the below mentioned:

  • there's absolute and indisputable exclusion of harmful, evil rituals, curses and the like;
  • only rituals which do not require extensive (e.g. for levitation) or dangerous preparations and expensive or rare inventories may be included;
  • personal dedication is assumed by default, so there can not be standalone "secret spells" or "special magick amulets", which are products rather of quack, but not magick practices;
  • no discussions on religious matters, including wicca pantheon, prayers, symbolic, etc.;
  • no rituals with likely doubtful effects, since it is impossible to compare reason and outcome, as indicators of ritual effectiveness. This includes situations when person need to take drugs or alcohol, or call arrival of spirits.

So  if you tried my witchcraft software, please please leave testimonials in the form below. Thanks.