Wicca Gods


Before times, there was the All, a female spirit. She created her other half, the male spirit. They intertwined and  became the two halves of the whole. And together they gave birth to the Universe. The two parts, the God and the Goddess are twin and of equal form. Gods areimmanent, or they are in everything and are everywhere. Gods and Goddesses from all other religions may represent various aspect of the All.


The Goddess, the Lady is nurturing part, the essence of motherhood and represented by the Moon, radiant and calm, yet changeable.

You would call the Goddess because she is nurturing and compassionate, enabling growth, fertility, and gentleness.


The God, the Lord, the Horned God is is the wild, playful, and lusty aspect of deity is represented by the Sun, fiery and bright.

You would call the God for protection, for increase of physical strength and agility.

In most cases your call God or Goddess ("O God within, or Goddess within") in your rituals, but you may choose any other deity from wicca pantheon to work with: Demeter, Diana, Luna, Mars, Pan, Persephone ...