Wiccan’s Path

Formally wiccan's path starts from Dedication ceremony, where you make a commitment to the craft. However, to understand whether you can follow this path, analyse implication it imposes on your entire life.

Wiccan must accept the Five Points of Wiccan Belief (the basis for Wicca):

1. The Wiccan Rede (implemented in eWicca prayers)

2. The Law of Attraction

3. Social Responsibility

4. Constant Improvement

5. The Ethic of Attunement

Social Responsibility

Society plays important role in wiccan's path because society creates limits for his power and establishes specific requirements. This means wiccan must follow not only to principles of wicca but also to social beliefs, traditions, human values and common sense. For example, ethics of many countries, including US does not allow wicca to charge money for his work and the only client can do is to send money to charity. Which in fact, may not be the case if wiccan faces a question of physical survival.

On the other hand, society may disapprove magick practice and discriminate you.This also requires significant degree of social responsibility, because you are the one, obtaining hidden knowledge and supernatural skills, which in fact, should do good for a society.

Constant Improvement

To be the one who talks to God(s) wiccan must work with different aspects of own personality:

• maintaining healthy life style to keep body in good shape, therefore being able to control Powers;
• studying the craft and analyzing own progress, therefore being able to adopt and develop knowledge and experience;
• training concentration, meditation, therefore being able to control own mind.

eWicca does not contain instructions about healthy lifestyle or meditations, however the core is built into this manual and ceremonies.

Our life is full of events which can be called magickal or mystical. Sooner or later we'll learn aspects of life so that difference between magickal and real disappear. So far, we can just interpreter unexplainable happenings as results of some magickal influences.

In this respect witch/wiccan must understand cause, mechanics and effects at least of his own actions. Such understanding is the third success factor of working ritual. That's why eWicca contains only rituals which can not be interpreted wrong and were proven to work as planned.

Important example: many people try to fly and fail or even crash. There's no way to fly for absolute majority of humans simply because there's no reason for it. Paralyzed person may desire to walk because he knows what it is, he really needs this and legs are inherent features of a human body. But when one wants to fly, his mind may interpret this as a desire to move from one point to another (so just walk), or desire to look at landscape form height (so just buy flight tickets).

In many cases such ritual may really result in a zoo excursion or business flight. But if wiccan starts to lose control over effects of his actions, he also starts to lose control over powers. Regaining such control again will be much more difficult than obtaining it at the beginning of the Path.

The Ethic of Attunement

Attunement is the act of becoming in-tune with divinity is the purpose behind the majority of ritual. There are three groupings of divinity:

1. The Self is divine.

2. The Gods/other powers are divine.

3. The Universe itself is divine.