Your space and tools

Altar is a sacred place where you keep tools and inventories during ritual. Many witches use bureau, a  chest of drawers, a dresser for their altar, but ideal is to have special altar in a room (corner of a room) set a side just for magick (your temple).  If this is the case, wash the place with salted water (3-5 tablespoons of cleansed salt per gallon) and make Space cleansing ceremony  before installing altar.

Remove all items with negative associations from your temple, whether they are souvenirs from unpleasant trips or photos of unfriendly colleagues.

Install altar at the center of the room, and it should stand before you when you face east. On the floor around the altar you will be marking a circle.

Pentacle: made from a piece of clay, wood or metal and used on the altar as a decoration and a place to put items to be charged with power or purified.

The most important feature of any magick tool, talisman or inventory is power. Wiccan can utilize  power (charge, keeping in hands  or release, directing tool to the universe), having  some degree of connection with a given item. The higher is connection the higher is success rate of power utilization.

Example of such connection is the level of efforts, associated with the item: stone found on the top of a high mountain or in the deep of a sea, hand made accessory, etc. Money may also serve as an indicator of efforts if you buy expensive and exclusive item.

Another examples include also inheritance, child memories, wedding gifts, etc.

Since ability to employ power is the most important criterion to select tools or inventories for ritual, I list below only few items, used by default. Everything else either was listed in eWicca rituals or is subject for your personal selection and work.  There are traditions which associate chalice with water (west) , athame with air (south), wand with fire (east) and stone with earth (north). You place tools on altar before the ritual.

Importance of candles in ritual is very difficult to underestimate; your inventory should include:

- illumination candles;

- gold, red, yellow, green, black candles.

Usually one black candle on the left on altar represents Goddess and white candle on the right - represents God.

You may also use color candles depending on days of the week, as follows:

Sunday- Gold or yellow

Monday- Silver, grey or white

Tuesday- Red

Wednesday- Purple

Thursday- Blue

Friday- Green

Saturday- Black or purple

Some people illuminate altars, for example with Christmas tree lights (Santeria, Voodoo), instead of candles; you can do it if you understand natures of electrical current and light from a glass bulb.  Otherwise there's no point to have another "black box" in your activities. Having matches for your ritual is common sense. Please read more about Candle Magick.

A double-bladed knife (athame):

concentrator of powers,
ritual tool (to release power of blood)
working tool (cutting herbs, although you may use a bolline for that  - another traditional knife with white handle and a curved blade, inscribing candles)
a key to  the doorway of your circle
a key connector between you and natural powers.

Some traditions use swords, etc. instead of (or in addition to) knife. I believe incremental power of knife is the highest among other tools, except sword, used by skilled professional.

For sure it's better to make own knife, and the further you'll go in a production process, the more power you can utilize from and with this tool. The easiest way is to cut, grind and polish part of  spring from your family car. Approximate knife dimensions: blade length equal to your palm length and width is 1/4 of length; make handle just convenient.

Wand: use instead of knife; Priapic Wand (made in form of penis) is used in fertility rituals. a length of wood, either 13 inches long (the number of full moons in a year) or the length from the user's elbow to the tip of his/her longest finger.

Robe: to worn for rituals; usually are white and made of cotton or other natural fibers.

Chalice to contain water and to drink from; that can be, for example, your favorite wine glass (set aside only for rituals) or silver cup. You will need also bowl in addition to chalice.

Dolls or poppets represent human being in rituals of folk (Voodoo) magick and spirits in talismans (oberegs) of Slavic witchcraft. Dolls are perfect visualization tools to apply healing or protection in your rituals. Do not confuse dolls with statues, which are just symbols or images, but not tools.

How to make a poppet.

You will need piece of paper, cotton cloth, needle and thread, straw, paper, herbs or cotton wool to fill a doll.

Draw the outline of a simple human figure around 3 in. (10 cm) height  on the piece of paper, then cut it out. Fold the material in two and place the paper on it. Cut around the paper. Sew the figures together, leaving a small hole open. Turn the figure inside out so the stitches are on the inside. Stuff the figure with the straw, paper, cotton wool or herbs. Personalize the poppet by adding a lock of hair to the filling. Sew the material together.

Amulets to protect wiccan  from any evil influences: man-made (a horseshoe or a piece of jewelry) or naturally occurring. Unlike tools, amulets are not employed in rituals and used as routine.

Talismans to attract wealth, happiness, harmony, love etc. Again, the more efforts are associated with amulet or talisman, the stronger its power.

Baskets to keep together tools and inventories for ritual

Broomsticks to cleanse area, weeping out negative influences

Cauldrons or any heat proof vessels  to mix lotions and potions.

Censers (ceramic pots) are used to burn incense.

Compasses to establish north, south, east and west for some rituals.

Essential and base oils: to convey energy to something else when loaded in candles, or added to incense which is burned in the censer.

Anointing stick: A piece of greenwood, with one end mashed, used to apply oil to things.

Crystals: grinded and polished minerals, which are employed to add harmony and energy into rituals and routines.

Water: rebirth, healing, washing away... Use moon water.